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Offerte di lavoro all'Estero nel settore Produzione e Industria Butcher - Macellaio Denmark

Offerte di lavoro all'Estero nel settore Produzione e Industria

Butcher - Macellaio

Descrizione dell'offerta

Butcher jobs available in a pig slaughterhouse (slaughterline and carving/ boning line) in 7100 Vejle area 


a minimum of 1-year experience is required to apply for this job
good experience using the knife.
Starting date:

as soon as possible.

169,08 kr./hour brutto
13,9% - salary supplement
the first 4 overtime hours/ week are paid with 248,89 kr./ hour
the rest of the overtime hours, the hours worked on Sundays or public holidays are paid with 331,86 kr./hour
netto salary for 160 working hours - aprox. €2.500/ month
5 weeks per year - paid holiday (12,5% of the annual salary). 
working hours are from 6:00/ 7:30 to 14:30/ 16:00 (with 1 hour break), 5 days a week, Saturdays and Sundays free.

Eurojob Denmark may help with temporary accommodation during the contract
The accommodation costs ~3,500 kr./ month (approx. €470), including expenses - each person has their own room and shares the bathroom and kitchen with the others
The value of the rent will be automatically deducted from the salary at the end of the month. No payment in advance or deposit.
Transportation to work:

Eurojob Denmark can insure a car, shared with other colleagues, for the period of the contract
the car can be used for both business and personal use
The car rent is ~ 1,700 kr./ month / person (approx. €230)
Fuel cost will be shared by those who use the car.
Eurojob Denmark may provide assistance for registration to SIRI, SKAT, BorgerService.

To apply, fill in your CV  or call us at +45 88448244 - Monday to Thursday - 9:00 to 15:00, and Friday - 9:00 to 13:00.
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Nome della ditta: Eurojob
Ruolo Offerto: Butcher
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